Shared Housing

A shared house is when a group of clients share a house together. Each person has their own room, but shares living areas with the other people that live in the house. The communal facilities and culture of the house allow clients to get informal support from each other. Household chores are split so that communal areas are kept clean and cooking can be done together. Experienced staff help ensure everyone is involved if they want to be and supported according to their capabilities.

Our shared housing is a great way to get you ready for living independantly, sharing with others can help you gain the skills needed to move onto your own independant property. Shared Housing consists of a private poom with a communal Kitchen, Bathroom and Living Room. You can view our available rooms by following the link below. All of our available rooms are listed on our website and you can apply online.

Our shared houses offer comfortable, homely accommodation with the additional care of having a weekly support session from our support team. We offer free wifi in every house and all utilities are fully covered. Each room is equipped with a double bed and bedroom furniture. We also offer a bedding bundle at sign up for a small charge if needed. Tenants are encouraged to form friendships with their housemates and support each other to grow together and achieve their personal goals in a safe and caring environment.

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Creating A Sense Of Community

All our Shared Housing have comunal living areas, so you can socialise and get to know other residents. We feel that this is a vital part of Shared Living as independant living will require you to socialise with your neighbours, even if it is just a civil hello when you pass eachother. Creating communal living areas allows residents to sit together to watch TV, Sports, Films and so on.

We encourage activities, group sessions and much more, this drive helps create a sense of community within our shared living spaces and thus allows tenants to feel more relaxed in the environment that we place them.

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